Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stylusboy (Steve Jones and Rachel Grisedale).

" Stylusboy’s “enchanting lo-fi folk” is the creation of Coventry
 Redwood Photography
chap Steve Jones and Northern lass Rachel Grisedale. With arresting melodies and poignant lyrics Stylusboy bring their particular brand of warm lo-fi folk to life

"Their music is deliberately tripped-back, purposefully honest, capturing raw emotion at its heart. Jones’ delicate guitar lines and Grisedale’s sumptuous harmony work create gorgeous melodies that bring to mind the first rush of love, the warm summer air and the English countryside bathed in sunlight."

Stylusboy are a current act and so have an excellent website so i won't duplicate too much here but refer you to their site  which has info on their gigs, discography, photos and much more. The are also on Facebook