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Coventry Legend, Singer Songwriter, Folk Rock Maverick and One Half of the New Modern Idiot Grunt Band.

I've created a NEW site for Rod Felton and his music. Not all of
these tracks are on the site as yet but will be. The site is still in progress but already a lotof material on the site.The link is here

You can read MORE about Rod Felton hereon this site -

AND a link to Rod Felton's New Modern Idiot Grunt Band

Rumour has that Rod Felton made an album for Pye Records in the 70's.There are tapes but nothing has surfaced so far. We believe it was through  Barry Murray and Harry Simmonds – managers and producers of Mungo Jerry, Savoy Brown, Chicken Shack etc.

However, a number of people have uploaded live tracks on Soundcloud or Youtube or sent copies to me for this site. So I've created this hub page for those 20 odd tracks.They remain on the original sites but are linked here to make a kind of double album.If anyone else has any tracks they have uploaded of Rod's or want to send them to us for this page,please do so. You can send them here

Thanks to those who have uploaded or supplied material linked or added to this page and they are Marko Krnjulap, Dave Cooper (of Dando Shaft), Russell Smith of Bam Bam Music Productions, John Silver of The Falcon Hotel, Bromyard. Norman Wheatley of Gentlefolk Radio and Pete Clemons and Jan Felton.

New as of February 19th 2017 - a 12 track CD now on Vimeo kindly supplied by Jan Felton via Pete Clemons. 12 Tracks - Curly* - No Doubt about it (Live) - I Want to be free (ska)- I Want to get there my way - Here with Me - Interplanetary Trucker (Live) - Your Love's Good for me* - Lady baby gypsy queen* - Love is (Taken by Surprise) (double tracked vocals) - Liberty Bell* - My Old Man* - Really don't believe she's true* (with fiddles).

Rod Felton - Home Recordings and Live Songs from Coventry Music Scene on Vimeo.

More tracks below

Track One - Curly by Rod Felton 

(Regarded as one of Rod's finest songs.)

Track Two  and Three - And I Love You / My LadyRod Felton (Thanks to Marko)

Track Four and Five - Desert Rock / Starlight by Rod Felton

(Thanks to Marko)

Track 6 - Lady, Baby, Gypsy, Queen by Rod Felton
Linked From Bam Bam Productions Sound Cloud

The next 6 tracks are on this embedded p0layer form Bam Bam Music Productions on Soundcloud and include the following tracks -

1 Your Love's Good For Me
2 My Old Dad
3 Liberty Bell
4  Lady Baby Gypsy Queen
5  I Wanna be Free
6  Her Gentle Squeeze

Another 6 Tracks uploaded to Sound Cloud by Dave Cooper of  Dando Shaft

Tracks on the player include
1  Ugly
2  The Mermaid
3  Really Don't Believe She's True
4  Folkin' Superstar
5  It Takes Some Time
6  Tarzan

Rod Felton Live in the noughties