Friday, January 31, 2014

John Golding - Daventry Singer Songwriter

"About September 1973, I was doing a gig for the Birmingham Streetpress in Moseley (Birmingham) at Fighting Cocks and after the gig started to hitch my way back to Coventry. Most of the buses had finished and i walked into the centre of Birmingham around Digbeth and hardly a car went by. This was Birmingham right. Tired and despairing of a lift home to Coventry (or even part of the way), I sat down on the curb strumming Vanity Fair's Hitchin' a Ride. Out of the blue came a car - I never expected it to stop but when I got in, I noticed a guitar in the back! It was John Golding, the Daventry folk singer who had also had a gig in Birmingham that night and was travelling back to Daventry and so passing by Willenhall in Coventry. How neat was that! I didn't know John up til then but we had a good chat and I went to see him perform in Coventry at the Antelope Folk Club in Coventry. John had just made an album and I gave it a plug in Hobo Magazine." Trev Teasdel

About 1994 John Golding was getting nowhere with major record companies. They liked his material and gave him studio time but said his songs were just not commercial enough for general release. So John set up his own production company - Cottage Records and launched his first album Discarded Verse.

Read more in this Coventry Journal cutting from March 15th 1974

And the follow on in the Coventry Evening Telegraph when Decca took an interst.

Rod Felton's advert in Hobo Magazine mentioning John Golding (although spelt incorrectly)

Tracks on Discarded Verse

John Golding in Brinklow 2005

From Photographs

English singer songwriter John Golding. From the album Photographs released in 1974 on Atlantic Records and produced by Radio 2 DJ Bob Harris.


  1. From the 70's through to the present I remember listening to Photographs and I still play some of these songs. I love the songs and think JG was one of the best singer songwriters of the time. Does anyone know if I can get hold of the CD?

  2. As far as i know Bob, it's only available on the original vinyl which was a limited edition. there are several sites selling it 2nd hand for around £30 ish including Amazon