Wednesday, January 29, 2014

'Folk Crying Out Loud' - Coventry's Folk Club Magazine c 1967

In the late 70's Pete Willow and his contributors put together a Coventry Folk Club Magazine called Folks
between 1978 and 1980. It was a lively and interesting magazine with lots of information, stories and articles and, thanks to Pete Willow, most of the issues are on here and some of the information has informed some of the articles too.

Ben Arnold
In one of the issues deal with Coventry's folk club history, stemming back to the 60's, Pete Willow mentioned an earlier Coventry Folk magazine called Folk Crying Out Loud - an excellent but short lived magazine in 1967 in which Ben Arnold had "pinpointed the exact beginnings of the present day format of Folk clubs in the city". Two copies of the magazine were loaned to Pete Willow by Singer/songwriter Dave Coburn. Pete used the information in the earlier magazine for his Coventry Folk Club history series in Folks which is here

It would be interesting to have copies of the magazine here, so if, as seems unlikely, anybody has any copies they can send or scan for us, that would be great.

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