Thursday, November 1, 2018

A Song for Hazel Lester Film 1984

Thanks to Nigel ward, Pete Willow and CVfolk for uploading this treasure of a tribute Coventry folkie Hazel Lester from 1984. I had fled Coventry by then but it's great to see this footage of those I knew back then - Derek Brimstone, Pete Willow, Dave Ragtime Bennett, Margo Buchanan Smith, Martin and Ray Jenkins etc.  It's a great tribute to Hazel and a great time capsule of the Coventry folk scene and camaraderie therein.

Below is a video with all the musical audio from the above film featuring Derek Brimstone, Dave Bennett, Pete Willow, Mick Cullen, Dennis Clark, Mick Stuart.

Hazel Lester

Derek Brimstone

Dave Bennett

Mick Cullen with Dave Bennett

Hazel Lester at the Folk Club

Kev Dempsey of Dando Shaft

Pete Willow and Dennis Clark.

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  1. Thanks for posting this film. I went to school with Hazel and loved her company. She was a force of nature. I have been away from England for a long time and this brought back great memories of her and the folk scene of the time.