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Folklore (Coventry folk band)

C    1969 - 81 (and beyond)
Traditional Folk Band.
Line up
(Barry Jackson is in the middle with glasses - Roland Mathews with the guitar)
Graham Holt
Alan Rowe
I came across Folklore in 1974 / 5 while studying at Henley College. Although a Social Studies A'level course, I took an Art O'level. Our tutor was Barry Jackson, (always much more than an art teacher). I discovered just how wide his talent was as time went on. Barry was an acknowledge artist in his own right - as the press cutting below shows and also designed the cover of Coventry Arts Umbrella's own literary Journal Umbrella in the 50's / early 60's. The magazine is noted for a rare article by Phillip Larkin

I started the Hobo Workshop (at the Holyhead Youth Centre) while at Henley College and Barry was very encouraging. In the discussion about music it came out that Barry was a multi-instrumentalist and often brought in unusual instruments for drawing and play them too. He revealed that he was one of the founder organisers of the Henley College folk club at the New Inn, Longford with acts on such as The Yetties, Derek Brimstone, The McCalman's and a member the longstanding folk outfit - FOLKLORE. The club had had various homes including the Biggin Hall Hotel.

Norman Wheatley
The band were formed around accountant Graham Holt, GEC Engineer Alan Rowe, Henley College lecturer Roland Mathews and artist / art lecturer / musician Barry Jackson who could play more than 12 instruments - Barry Joined in 1973. Their 2nd album was called Eine Klein Folk and was produced by local radio presenter (Radio Mercia/ BRMB / singer songwriter / poet Norman Wheatley. Norman was the organiser of folk sessions at the Coventry Arts Umbrella in the early 70's and a prominent member of the Umbrella poets.

Described by CET (Sat Nov 14th 1981) as the longest running folk outfit.
CET go on to say ‘Folklore was established in 1969 around accountant Graham Holt, Alan Rowe (an engineer at the GEC) and Roland Matthews (A lecturer) when they formed the Henley College Folk Club at Bell Green’. Artist and art lecturer, Barry Jackson (a talented musician who can play more than 12 instruments, joined in 1973.’

News from Gillian Parnell Folklore have a vinyl album from 1977 album titled Room For Company. Hoping we can get some audio from it on here.

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