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This was Martin Jenkins new band after Dando Shaft. Martin had played with Mathew's Southern Comfort - From Hobo Magazine 1973

"Mathew's Southern Comfort has, I'm told, been graced with the talents of Coventry's Martin Jenkins, late of the Coventry band Dando Shaft. Martin, who has writen some incredible songs including Whispering Ned, Waves Across the Ether) and plays Mandolin, flute and fiddle (etc.). Martin has been featured as a guest on a previous Southern Comfort tracks" 
Martin Jenkins. Photo Copyright of Dave Trinder

Martin Jenkins (ex Dando Shaft) - Mandolin / guitar / fiddle / flute / banjo / vocals

Barry Skinner - guitar / vocals (A leading professional folk singer and pioneer of the Coventry folk scene in the 60's / 70's)

John Mackintosh - double bass (Member of assorted groups including the Coventry Mummers and Sneaks Noise / Earlsdon Morrismen / Phoenix Jazz band)

I met Martin Jenkins in Broadgate, Coventry while doing Hobo magazine not long after Dando Shaft had split up and he told me about his new electric folk band - One Day Thomas. Below are some pieces from the Coventry Evening Telegraph and Hobo Magazine.

From Hobo Magazine
One day Thomas - Martin Jenkins
ONE DAY THOMAS is the name of Martin Jenkin's new band (formerly of Dando Shaft)
"The new band features other established personalities such as Barry Skinner on guitar and vocals / John Mckintosh on double bass and John Astle on drums. Martin plays guitar, fiddle, mandolin and flute. They are of course an electric band and most of the material is far removed from that of Dando Shaft. They play mostly jigs and reels and electrified folk songs."

Not long after Martin was back with Dando Shaft version 2 including Baz Andruszcko and Rod Felton for a play at the Belgrade Theatre c1974

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