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Jamie Lord - Cosmic Folk

In September 1973 Hobo got a letter from the manager of singer songwriter Jamie Lord. Jamie, who would describe his music as 'Cosmic Folk', didn't fit neatly into the traditional folk circuit. None the less, this 24 year old Warwick based talent was highly popular in folk clubs such as Rude Bear (run by Rod Felton and Dave Coburn) and a growing reputation on the Midland Folk circuit. An advert in Hobo says that Jamie was managed by Mick Donovan in Colliers Wood, London.  Mick Donovan wrote to Hobo in 1974 - (letter included here)

" Thought you might be interested, for a future edition, in some information about Jamie Lord, who's rap[idly gaining a reputation as a major new talent on the Midlands folk Circuit."

Mike Donovan included some date sheets (with some of  Jamie's own artwork) and a cutting from the Leamington Courier (also included here).  Jamie was also an artist. According to the press cutting Jamie recorded some demo tapes - shame there's nothing by Jamie on You Tube or on line anywhere that I've found.

His music and songs looked to the influence of Todd Rungren whose album

Mike Donovan's letter to Trev Teasdel - Hobo Mag
  "Wizard a True Star" had been  reviewed for Hobo by Mike O'Hare of  Coventry Virgin Records (posted on this site). The letter (on this blog) also included an interview with the Leamington Courier on 31st August 1973 (also posted here). In his own words he described his music thus "It can't be called folk music in the usual sense of the word. Folk music is dead. Everything I do is very alive and up to the minute, but it's very difficult to find anywhere that has a large enough audience who are really into it."
Jamie was also an artist, designing his own publicity scene here and hoping to work on a combination of lyrics and art work in a Tolkien style. More on this in the press cutting.

I saw and enjoyed Jamie's works at the Rude Bear on many ocassions.

Jamie also played in a Leamington band called Stepmother with Jim Pryal on drums (Jim has been in so many Coventry bands including Wandering John, Ning, Hot Snacks and many more).

Jim Pryal says of Stepmother
" I moved to Leamington in the early 70s and met up with a  bass player called Harry Frazer and a singer/songwriter called Jamie Lord.  With Mick Smitham we formed a band called Stepmother. I only remember Stepmother playing 1 gig  with that line up  and that was at the Regent hotel in Leamington. Quite an amazing gig. We also did a  recording  at Monty Bird's studio in Snitterfield. Good to see info about Jamie on other parts of this site. . For whatever reason, the band folded. "

STEPMOTHER are now featured on The British Music Archive here

1. Elderly Lady
2. Lady Midnight 
3. Geraldine
4. All The Young Girls 
5. Twilight
Recording date:
Group Members: Jamie Lord (gtr, vocs), Mick Smitham (gtr, vocs), Harry Frazer (bass gtr), Jim Pryal (drums)
Additional Info: Stepmother originated from Coventry circa 1969. Recordings made at Monty Bird's studios, Snitterfield, circa 1972.

Here are some comments carried over from the Hobo Vox site where this post was originally hosted -

Sylvia Kus (2009)
We are trying to locate Jamie Lord. Pete Metcalfe my partner used to play the folk circuit with him in the 70's. We would love to get in touch with him now.

I am hoping to get in touch with Jamie too. Sylvia do you remember me? The American girl with Jamie in the mid 1970s. I remember your cheesecake and artwork.

Pete Metcalfe (2009)
If you remember that cheesecake you're in the club Diane. What has become of you and when did you split up with the boy wonder? Does anybody out there know where the boy wonder is??????????????

George Wooten 2009

I spent a half a day searching the internet for boy wonder on behalf of Diane (the American girl). No luck. When and where was the last time you saw him? I think he visited Diane on the west coast at one point. I think he liked it. My searches were targeted to England, so maybe a search on the west coast might yield results? You think?

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