Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cliff Hands - Singer Songwriter

Cliff Hands is yet another of the contemporary singer songwriters from Coventry.

This is from the Coventry Telegraph 2008 -
'Chippy' makes his dream CD; NEW RELEASE: Talented dad's first album goes on sale in Coventry.
By Sinead Keller

CARPENTER Cliff Hands has swopped his tools for a guitar to record his first album.

The 46-year-old, of Sadler Road, Whitmore Park, Coventry, has written and performed all 10 tracks on the CD, called Crawling from the Woodwork. Although he played in bands when he was younger, it was always his dream to produce an album of his own work.

Father-of-four Cliff said: "Most of the songs have been written over the last two years, but one or two are a bit older than that.
"Although I have been busy with work and family commitments, I never gave up playing and would always be strumming and writing.
"But then a couple of years ago I stumbled across the Tin Angel live music venue in Spon Street and the people I met there inspired me to start up seriously again.
"Meeting other local singer/songwriters really spurred me on to do my own stuff and I am really grateful for their support."
Cliff performed with bands in Coventry in the 80s and early 90s. There were The Major Five, who later became The Ramrods, and The Wildhearts, who appeared on a compilation album of Coventry bands called 16 Days.

He was excited when he got the chance to produce his own record at a fellow artist's small studio in Coventry. Cliff, who says his influences are Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Neil Young, plays acoustic guitar and harmonica on all the songs.

He said: "Although it is homemade, it's a well produced album, which was really fun to do because there was no pressure or expectations.
"The songs are all about social issues, but they aren't too political, more just observations and my outlook on life. They are based around the lyrics and all tell a story.
"It was hard work to get back into it again but now it's full steam ahead and I've got some more songs in the pipeline."

Cliff says his family, wife Veronica, 43, and four children, Peter, 22, Keith, 19, Alan, 16 and Christina, 14, have all been very supportive. He will be performing at the Tin Angel on February 23 with local bands the Honeytrap and the Treehorns.

The album is available to buy from the Tin Angel and from Liquid Bar, in City Arcade. Or phone Cliff on 07990 535433. Check out a sample of some of the tracks at www.myspace.com/cliffhands

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