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were an acoustic group formed c 1973 by Al Hatton (ex - original version of Indian Summer) and consisted of -
Al Hatton - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Ron Ablewhite (Ex Torqwood) Acoustic guitar and vocals
Roy Brewster - assorted percussion

Al Hatton
They played both folk clubs and venues associated with bands. They later developed into a full band Just Jake and Ottoman.
incorporating members of

We covered this band in Hobo Magazine -

From Hobo 1973

"Another band to emerge (bearing some connection to Indian Summer) is Al Hatton's band. Al used to play bass for Indian Summer. Al is now playing acoustic guitar with three others known as Trilogy. The group have another guitarist and percussionist and make some nice sounds, using original material."

From Hobo 1974

"Who are due to play the Windsor Free Festival during the last week of August, are a new band featuring Al Hatton (late of Indian Summer) on acoustic guitar; Ron Ablewhite (Ex. Torqwood) also on guitar and Roy Brewster on assorted percussion. All members compose and contribute vocals."


"Ex Wandering John guitarist - John Alderson, returned from Sandersfoot in Wales, where he was reported to be living in Hobo issue 2. John met up with Trilogy -


"Trilogy were also reviewed in issue two. An acoustic band. They are expanding their line up to include keyboard player Martin Barter who also sings, Rog Jackson on bass, John Alderson on lead and slide guitar along with the original members of the trio - Roy Brewster on congas and percussion, Ron Ablewhite on acoustic guitar and vocals and Al Hatton on acoustic guitar and vocals. They write all their own material which without classifying it too much, is, suffice to say, funky with harmonies. The band appeared recently on Midland's Today and are entering the Melody Maker contest. I caught the original band at the White Bear pub in Willenhall Wood recently with blues soloist Mick Stuart.

Ron Abelwhite is now an artist operating in Cumbria

Ron Ablewhite - Artist Biography
Ron Ablewhite spent many years in commerce and advertising in the Coventry area, painting on a part-time basis, before moving to Cumbria in 1993 when he became a professional artist. He created and developed the “Collectables Range”, a unique portfolio of over 60 limited edition prints of scenes in Cumbria and the Lake District. These images capture moments in time, which are reflected in the atmosphere, unique light conditions, buildings and livestock that make Cumbrian images so universally popular.

If anyone has any info or material on the Coventry folk outfit Torqwood (in which Ron Ablewhite originally played) please get in touch -

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