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Emma McGann - Singer Songwriter

Emma McGann 
is young Coventry artist who started out in acoustic venues and has built quite a
career for herself that spans both acoustic and band work, promotion and radio work and recording and touring.

From her website
" 'I dropped everything I was doing in my life to follow a dream. I know that sounds reckless, but you have to be brave and take risks to get where you want to be. Music has completely flooded my life. Ultimately, all I want is for people to dance, enjoy and be inspired by the songs that I write.'

Starting out at open mic nights, showcases and talent shows, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Emma McGann has made her music known on an international scale. Receiving awards and acclaim from high profile artists such as Kylie Minogue and Nancy Sinatra, Emma continues to strive for success in her musical career and doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.

'I started out with nothing on my plate, nothing to my name but that didn't mean to say I couldn't make something of myself. You can be whoever you choose to be. I vividly remember my first time on stage, biting my nails in the dressing room, the whole stage freight scenario. Then once you're up there, it's the best feeling in the world. Nothing feels better than to throw up a fist pump and sing your heart out to a crowd of people.'

Claiming influences from Imogen Heap, Alanis Morissette and Suzanne Vega, Emma really grasps the essence of pop in all its glory. With some promising gigs in the pipeline and a passion for performance and songwriting, these influences list a few examples of what Miss McGann aspires to become."

What the Press have said -

NANCY SINATRA "Emma McGann has sweetness with an edge.

And with Kylie Minogue....

Especially for you, Emma.. City songwriter receives award from pop princess.
By Sandish Shoker From Coventry Telegraph
"COVENTRY music student Emma McGann had pop princess Kylie Minogue bopping as she collected
a prestigious award.

Songwriter Emma McGann, met the pint-sized singer after scooping the Studyvox FM Music prize.
And the former Neighbours' sweetheart, who has performed in front of millions since shooting to pop megastardom, couldn't resist showing off her dance moves when Emma took to the stage.

The 19-year-old, of Whitefriars Street, Coventry, said: "It was unbelievable meeting Kylie. This time last week I had no idea I would be meeting her.
"It was really strange. I was really nervous at first but once we had met her, it calmed everyone's nerves and we realised that she was really nice.
"It is great the judges listened to our stuff on the website and then handpicked us. That's a good feeling."

Studyvox Foundation, which provides bursary support to undergraduates to help them with tuition fees, has launched its online student radio station, Studyvox FM, which plays only music produced by students, and a new social networking website.

Through the station, Emma - who's in her first year at Coventry University - uploaded some of her material,
Kylie Minogue with Emma McGann
which was played on air and then picked by the judges.

They were chosen after receiving the most requests through the Studyvox website.

Kylie, who became a patron of the charity earlier this year, said: "Music has been an enormous part of my life and I'm especially proud to present the music award, which offers an important lifeline for student bands."

Emma, whose family home is in Binley, usually performs at acoustic sets at the Phoenix pub in Gosford Street, Coventry, with boyfriend James Plester.

After the ceremony, he joined her on stage with two other friends to perform some of Emma's songs in front of other students and the Australian songstress.

Emma added: "I had sent some of our stuff to Kylie and her record company for them to listen to and they really liked the production on it, which was good.

"Kylie said she really liked our music, and then at the end she came out to listen to us play and she was dancing away. It was really encouraging.

"In the future, after I graduate, I would really like to go into some kind of career in the music industry, so this award is definitely a good thing to put on your CV."

Four other students who entered the competition and submitted their material to the Studyvox radio station were chosen to receive bursaries of pounds 10,000 and pounds 2,000 to help with their study fees."

Emma in San francisco

Emma with her band and boyfriend / guitar player James Plester (right)

Emma has promoted her own music nights at the Phoenix in Coventry promoting Coventry talent and done a  lot of musical work in schools which you can read about on her site.

Emma McGann's On line shop for her EP / downloads / Shows and merchandise.!buy

Here's some of her videos

Emma with her band and another version of Fall in to Me

Some of her work / performances in schools - here Sidney Stringer

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