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Rob Halligan - Contemporary Singer Songwriter

Rob Halligan is a current Coventry based singer songwriter who plays all over the country and abroad.
Rob Halligan at Writers Cafe Stockton 2007
Photo by Brian Stubley

From his website


You can hear some of his songs on the player.

"Described by the BBC as “Bruce Springsteen having English tea with Billy Bragg” and by Paul Gambaccini as “someone who writes very powerful songs”, Rob Halligan is an award winning recording artist and songwriter.

His 2009 album Best Thing That’s Happened was nominated Contemporary Album Of The Year and the follow up, The Perils the Grace and The Way received rave reviews and BBC Radio 2 airplay. In 2011 he appeared on BBC1 and Radio 2, ITV’s Daybreak and a list of local radio stations.

Halligan’s influences range from the Clash and Billy Brag to John Mayer and Steve Earle and this is evident in the edgy, radio friendly style he has developed.

After the release of his songbook and CD The Tales of Seven Guitars, 2012 sees his forth studio album,Another Fine Mess, (recorded with Graeme Duffin and Sandy Jones of Wet Wet Wet), hit the shelves. The first single fro the album, “Hope” was released as a download single in June 2012 and immediately attracted radio play. Written after Rob visited Ethiopia, “Hope” has been part of a fund-raising drive that has already raised over £5000.

Robs song writing reflects events in his life from his experiences living on the streets to loosing his father in the
Rob Halligan & Gareth Davies Jones at the Writers cafe Stockton
Photo Brian Stubley
terrorist events of 9/11. There is a heartfelt honesty rarely found in popular music today and Halligan delivers with a passion time after time.

Originally from the south coast of England, Rob now lives in the midlands. He tours as a solo artist across the UK and has played in America, Canada, Hong Kong and Europe. He also sings with 1980’s hit makers After The Fire."

Rob Halligan, as a Christian, dedicates a lot of his time, energy and music into causes that he believes in, such as this trip to Bangladesh - on this site you can read his diary of the trip to raise money - http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk/articles/music/Rob_Halligan_Vivid_memories_of_the_singer_songwriters_trip_to_Bangladesh/37632/p1/
Here's a taster " Driving through Dhaka was in itself an experience. I've seen pictures of rickshaws and tuk-tuks but to see armies of them taking on the might of motorized city life is an awe-inspiring site. There are little or no driving rules it seems with cars hanging u-turns in the most bizarre places and without warning. There are few road signs and if there were traffic lights I didn't notice, even from my grandstand view between the driver and front passenger"

This is the online store for Rob's CD's etc. (part of his website) http://www.robhalligan.co.uk/wp/store/

Tragically Rob lost his father in the Twin Towers - but what a powerful tribute song / video he produced from it - touches of  U2

Rob Halligan with Gareth Davies- Jones

There are many more tracks on youtube and Rob's site.

Photo Brian Stubley

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