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Wes Finch - Singer Songwriter

Another current Coventry singer songwriter is Wes Finch -

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Wes Finch with his acoustic band for Open Air sessions.

From Coventry Telegraph
Coventry songwriter Wes Finch sells his skills to fund third 
album release By Warren Manger on Jan 31, 12 11:15 AM

"The charming Coventry folk musician has already written, recorded and mastered the album. He even has
the artwork ready. Now he is selling advance copies - and his songwriting services - to help raise £1,500 through cottage industry website WeFund for the physical release.

WES Finch shifts uncomfortably on the sofa as the subject of X Factor creeps into the conversation.
"When I tell people I'm a musician I always get the inevitable questions," he admits with a sigh.
"Have you ever thought ever thought about going on the X Factor or Britain's Got Talent?"
He stifles a wry smile when invited to answer the question.
"I don't think that's me - it doesn't really appeal.
Wes aptly and elegantly describes his approach to making music as "organic".

It is a far cry from the polished pop production line churned out by Cowell and his chart contemporaries.
The 34 year-old has been working on his third album Mayflower steadily for a year, taking a heavily hands-on role at every step of the process.
He wrote the 12 songs in creative bursts during the first half of last year, recording them at home studios owned by two friends and backed by a supporting cast of musicians from the local scene.
Wes took two weeks off work to start mastering the album then continued to grab what time he could at evenings and weekends to forge ahead, refining the tracks as he went along.
When he was made redundant by the University of Warwick in October he took the bold step of devoting a year to his music.

In order to do that he moved home to his parents' house in Coundon, where we are sat in a sunlit
conservatory overlooking a charming garden.
"I sat down and worked out that I had reached a level where I could just about sustain myself from music," he explains.
"The idea of pursuing my music full time had always been their in the background, so it seemed like a logical time to give it go."
With more time on his hands Wes has been able to make rapid progress.

The album is now fully mastered and he even has the artwork ready to go. There is just one finaly hurdle remaining - raising the capital to produce the actual CDs.
Wes is one of a growing number of artists who has turned to his fans to help him do that.
"I want to make a good quality CD that I think the album deserves," he says.
"Rather than borrow from a bank I want to raise money through fan pledges.
"My approach to music is organic and wherever possible self sufficient and raising money in this way feels like the right thing to do."

But Wes is not asking his fans for charity.

He has put together a range of packages to reward those who help him to raise the £1,500 he needs to create the first batch of CDs. Those who stump a fiver will receive an acknowledgement in the Thank You section of the CD inlay, plus a copy of one of his EPs.

Anyone who digs a little deeper and pledges £10 will get the same acknowledgement, along with a copy of the Mayflower album when it is released.
Meanwhile £50 will buy you a signed copy of Mayflower, a copy of his previous album Asthill Grove, a mention in the 'thanks to' section and some exclusive extra goodies and songs.

Wes has also devised two more extravagant offers for those who give most generously.
For £100 he will make a personalised recording of the pledger's choice (one of his songs or a cover) and dedicate it to them for their enjoyment and entertainment. And at the very top end of the price range £250 will buy you a house concert or a song written especially for you - about the subject of your choice.
"I'm a little bit nervous about writing a song for someone," he confesses.
"One of my friends has already threatened to make me write a song about their dog."

Wes has already made a healthy start to his fundraising and has passed the half way marker on website We Fund. However, he still has to raise £700 within six weeks to hit his target of £1,500.
This ambitious and innovative approach to releasing his latest album is a far cry from the schooldays Wes spent jamming with a friend in his bedroom, inspired by the early 90s grunge scene (he cites Pavement, Nirvana and Pearl Jam as favourites and major influences back then). It was taking time out after university that proved the decisive factor is his music career.

Wes sold his electric instruments and took off to New Zealand armed only with an acoustic guitar, before working his way back via Fiji and America.
"After that I finally found the confidence to get up and perform on stage," he says.
"Once you have got on a plane to the other side of the world on your own, playing your music to people doesn't seem so scary.
"It changed the kind of music I wrote and played too. When all you have is an acoustic guitar you have to adjust."

Wes regularly gigs around Coventry, satisfying popular demand by playing covers of artists such as Kings of Leon and MGMT with his own material. He lists the cosy confines of the Nursery Tavern in Chapelfields as a favourite venue. And this year Wes has already been invited to play a string of folk festivals as far afield as Cumbria and Northumberland, including Grillfest - a BBQ themed event.
"Now there are so many people with and instrument and their own songs, it can be really competitive trying to get paid gigs.
"But it's great to be part of a really strong grassroots music scene."

Wes Finch may be a softly spoken and painstakingly polite public school boy (he's a Bablake alumnus) but it seems he is making his voice heard."

The tracklisting for Mayflower is:

Tithe Farm (ambient recording)
Good Morning, Captain!
The Mermaid's Song
Close Enough for Rock 'n' Roll
Good As Gold
I Know You Have A Secret
I've Been Told
Canalside with Matt Hernandez (ambient track)
The One You Let Slip Away
Southern Cross
Bowl of Stars
Cold Hands, Warm Heart.

To find out how you can help Wes fund the release visit his WeFund page.

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